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Retail Therapy foR THE Soul Survivor

Keshia's Kloset is a 501 c-3 non profit organization that specializes in serving the needs of Survivors of childhood sexual abuse, to help young women deal with the effects of trauma by way of retail therapy, mentorship, community service, and motivational speaking. 

"KEISHA" is an acronym for "Kingdom Educated Individuals Serving Healing Angels", with a  focus on young girls between the ages of 5-25 who have been sexually or physically abused, to prepare them for a purposeful, meaningful existence where trauma does not define them but propels them.

Keshia's Kloset was founded by survivor, TaKeshia Chapple, to help victims evolve into survivors and thrivers, by staying connected to a community of thriving women who understand what they are going through - because we too, have been there. 

In local communities, and all around the world, children are silenced due to shame, and the majority of abuse goes underreported or unreported at all.  Keshia's Kloset provides avenues for healing through advocacy, sex-education, and shopping experiences. We also work with young women to help develop their natural talents, and prepare them to share their gifts with the world. 

All of the services are provided 100% free.

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Confidentiality Is the foundation of healing. We believe in creating a community of love, unity, and safe space for women to be themselves while learning how to love others..

         All information about the Survivor, stated or inferred, belongs to the Survivor. 

With few exceptions, the Survivor owns the sole right to share this information. options discussed, written notes and materials, and the fact that a Survivor has sought or received services are confidential, and can withdraw authorization of information at any time.